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Logistics space for life sciences and healthcare

Changing demographics, an increased focus on health and wellbeing, and high consumer expectations for product availability and delivery, are some of the structural changes impacting the supply chains of life sciences and healthcare products around the world. 

Consumers now consider health and wellbeing as an essential spend1, and the global wellness market is expected to grow 5-10% annually2. Demand for products is increasing, as is the complexity of the supply chain for pharmaceutical and healthcare products. 

Whether it’s the time sensitive nature of your products, the need for temperature-controlled warehouses or the impeccable cleanliness required to safely store and distribute your goods, Goodman understands the specific needs of the life sciences and healthcare sectors. 

Goodman’s sustainable properties are strategically located near large consumer populations and major transport infrastructure to support your speed to market. Our customers include a wide variety of companies in the healthcare space including: pharmaceutical companies, biomedical device providers, healthcare and equipment suppliers, nutrition and wellbeing product distributors and more. 


1  Accenture 
2   McKinsey