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Urban forest project in the Milan Metropolitan area

Following the completion of the Pioltello Logistics Centre, Goodman Italy has decided to support the Mosaico Verde campaign, which is jointly promoted by AzzeroCO₂ and Legambiente.

In the Milan metropolitan area, we will plant some 3000 trees and shrubs over a three-year period, with two goals in mind: enhancing and strengthening the city’s biodiversity and at the same time reducing the environmental impact of the development of our logistics centre.

The South Milan Agricultural Park, the green belt of Lombardy

The South Milan Agricultural Park is a vast natural area of over 47,000 hectares which forms a green belt around the city of Milan and the surrounding communities, representing about 30% of its total surface. Like all other big cities, Milan was – and is – an area affected by strong urban development, which is why this regional park is so important: it was established in 1990 to protect agricultural activities and preserve the landscape of the area, and has since assumed the vital function of safeguarding the biodiversity and the environment of Milan. Moreover, it is a valuable resource for all citizens, thanks to the many activities that take place in it. Because of these essential qualities, the South Milan Agricultural Park was identified as the perfect area for the first phase of Goodman's urban reforestation project, which was carried out between 2021 and 2022.

The Mosaico Verde campaign and Goodman

Mosaico Verde is a national campaign promoted by AzzeroCO₂ and Legambiente for the (re)forestation of both urban and extra-urban areas and the protection of forests. Their projects are supported by several national actors and public partners and aim to restore value to the territory while combatting climate change. Goodman has decided to support the Mosaico Verde campaign with a three-phase urban forestry intervention that involves the public areas of the Milan metropolitan area, where the main activities of the company are focused. The first phase of the project took place between November 2021 and January 2022 and involved planting 1000 trees in two specific areas of the South Milan Agricultural Park:

  • The area known as Boscoincittà, an important green lung created in 1974 and located in the western part of the city to overcome the growing pollution;
  • Cava Ongari, one of the former gravel and sand quarries, which had turned into an illegal landfill after the cessation of activities in the ‘60s. Today, the area is included in a significant recovery intervention;

The average life span of tree is 100 years, and it is estimated that this first phase could help absorb about 700 tonnes of CO₂. Goodman has committed to finance 2000 additional trees in the urban and peri-urban areas of the Milan metropolitan area. These will be planted in the course of the next two years.

Tree species

Twelve different tree species were used, each of them bringing a unique value to the area thanks to their specific qualities. The buckthorn, for example, is a highly resistant shrub capable of regenerating arid or depleted soils. The common oak is famous for its longevity, adaptability to different soils and resistance to winter frost, while the cherry tree is well-known for the beauty of its blossoms which attract pollinating insects, birds and mammals.

These trees and shrubs will not only further contribute to the CO₂ absorption and the enhancement of biodiversity, but will also provide the citizenry with a place where they can go to enjoy clean air, shady areas and beautiful blossoms during springtime.

Our partner AzzeroCO₂

The urban forestry project was possible thanks to AzzeroCO₂, a consulting company for sustainability and energy, founded by Legambiente and Kyoto Club.

AzzeroCO2 offers customized solutions to SMEs and large companies, public organisations and private entities, to reduce their environmental and territorial impact: adopting a resilient and scientific approach aimed at obtaining credible, transparent and effectively communicable results.