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What drives us

While our purpose is clear at Goodman, our approach is adaptable as we want to stay relevant in an ever-changing world. We constantly innovate to respond to the challenges and needs of present and future generations. Our 2030 Sustainable Strategy aligns with our company purpose "Making space for greatness". 

Our 2030 Sustainability Strategy is structured around three pillars. These are linked to a set of material issues, with each pillar backed by short and long-term environmental, social and governance targets. Our progress on these targets will be reported annually, leading up to 2030.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) address the world’s most significant challenges such as poverty, the planet, gender equality, clean water and climate change. We have identified nine of the SDGs as most relevant for our business. These shared goals are another way we anchor ourselves to the power of collective leadership to ensure a sustainable future for all.

“Leadership in sustainability is about committing to social and environmental justice. Business growth can no longer be at the expense of people and the planet.” 
Marie Maggiordomo, Sustainability & Innovation

To maximise our ambition of contributing to the communities and the society we affect and on which we depend, we set ourselves ambitious goals built around 3 pillars: sustainable buildings, sustainable locations and sustainable business operations.

sustainable locations

Sustainable locations

This is the area that is integral to our core business and where we can have a strong impact.To make space for greatness, we focus on securing key sites for properties that are flexible and adaptable to accommodate the demands of the future

  • From 2021 onwards, we develop 100% brownfield land
  • We commit to restore and enhance the ecological value of our sites by protecting and increasing the number and variety of species in flora and fauna by 2023
  • We commit to restore the ecological value of the land we develop: one tree per sqm building ground surface and a donation of €1 per sqm of greenfield land used to a local initiative focusing on preserving the fauna and flora in the area. 

 Read more on brownfield development

sustainable buildings

Sustainable buildings

Properties designed and managed smarter are better prepared for the challenges of tomorrow. They are more flexible to our customers’ requirements and needs and are more resilient to climate impact. We commit to developing properties in a sustainable way that meets the needs of our customers, stakeholders, communities, and protects the environment by: 

  • Further developing innovative solutions that support our customers in improving their resource efficiency and reducing emission
  • Transitioning to a net-zero carbon portfolio by 2023
  • Switching to 100% renewable energy by 2025
  • Developing logistics sites that are all certified minimum BREEAM Very Good or equivalent. 

We take health and well-being seriously and have therefore developed standards to which all our new developments have to comply. These include but are not limited to (sports) outside amenities, enhanced ventilation, white warehouse interior, eBike sheds, etc. 

sustainable operations

Sustainable business operations

Economic and environmental considerations encourage us to use resources and energy conscientiously. Our employees contribute to a sustainably strong performance culture within lean corporate processes. This culture is characterised by an agile mind-set, effective communication, transparent and timely information, constructive challenging and candid feedback.

After having performed our corporate carbon footprint assessment 2019, we are now a CO2-neutral labelled company. Although we are very proud having reached this milestone, we always aim higher. We commit to:

  • Further transition to a 100% electrical fleet
  • Reducing our energy consumption
  • Maximising energy efficiency without loss of functionality and using energy from renewable sources
  • Establishing a supplier code of conduct to ensure our suppliers comply with our standard.