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Property overview

If you have great ambitions, our sustainable properties can help fulfil them.

The way we live, work and consume is evolving. Urbanisation and population growth are changing our cities. There’s a greater focus on sustainability, health and wellbeing. And consumers are demanding faster and greener. Within a highly competitive market, strategically located, innovatively designed properties have an even bigger role to play in your success. 

As an industrial property specialist, with over 30 years’ experience, Goodman owns, develops and manages logistics and distribution centres, warehouses, business parks and data centres in major global cities.

How would you like to improve your business?

Our energy-efficient, sustainable properties are high quality and meticulously developed, maintained and managed, whether you’re looking for space to:

  • expand your business
  • increase efficiency
  • improve transit times
  • consolidate operations
  • upgrade technology and automation
  • lower transport costs and related emissions, or
  • simply create an environment for your people to thrive.

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Our business is focused on our customers

Goodman’s own develop manage model focuses our business on our customers’ current and future needs.

We own and maintain high-quality properties close to consumers, we develop sustainable properties, and we manage our global investment portfolio to the highest standards, working alongside our capital partners which include sovereign wealth, pension and large multi-manager funds. 

Our strong global team have local expertise and are dedicated to delivering a high level of customer service in all aspects of property development and management as well as investment management.

Management overview

When you move into a Goodman property – our people become an extension of your own team, dedicated to helping your business be as efficient as possible. We’re hands-on and available 24/7 to help everything run smoothly. 

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Development overview

It’s not always easy finding high quality space in your ideal location. So if we don’t have the right space for you in our existing portfolio, we’ll work with you to create something entirely new. We have an international track record of working closely with customers to deliver sustainable developments. And we have the in-house capabilities to deliver on all aspects of the development process – from managing complex infrastructure requirements and planning expertise, to procurement and construction management. 

Working together for better

By working closely with our customers and communities over the long-term, we provide the properties and infrastructure you need today, with the resilience to withstand the global challenges of tomorrow.

Our properties are a strategic part of our customer’s supply chain and a valuable contributor to the community. With this lens, we take a lifecycle approach, developing flexible, adaptable and sustainable properties that will be responsive to your needs for years to come.

Our multidisciplinary team understands that every one of our customer’s needs are different, and we offer solutions that are innovative and effective. We also leverage our international experience, so you get the best the world has to offer, tailored to your business.

Strategically located to reduce time and cost

Being closer to large consumer groups makes it easier to meet growing customer expectations on infrastructure and service. It provides greater resilience and efficiency for your supply chain too, and opens up opportunities to be more sustainable. By establishing the right property according to local needs, we safeguard and transform urban productive, industrial and logistics sites to sustain their activities, local employment and city's economic competitiveness.
Our focus on infill locations that are close to consumers means we can regenerate existing sites and also optimise space by building multi-storey facilities. This responds to the urban issue of land artificialisation.

With transport accounting for 45% to 70% of a company’s total logistics spend,* positioning your business close to your customers and transport infrastructure, like motorways, ports, airports, and public transport, can improve delivery efficiencies and reduce supply chain costs and transport-related emissions. It also makes an easier commute for your workforce. Using our SmartSpace technology, we can provide the data you need to analyse our properties and select the right one for you – whether it’s understanding the pool of potential consumers that are accessible within a 30-minute drive or details of their spend data.

*Source: CBRE

Maximum efficiency

We’re investing in innovative ways to get more operational efficiencies out of our buildings to help you optimise your investment.

We’re investing in property technology and specialist technology companies, and in exchange we learn more about future technologies and what they mean for our customers and the industry – like drone delivery technology and infrastructure through Skyports, parking and traffic management systems, and smart meters for energy and water. 

Contributing to community

Our properties add value to local communities and the wider economy by generating jobs, creating infrastructure, and enabling people to have the goods they need. Our new industrial precincts add social value too, including cafes, fitness and recreation facilities for the whole community to enjoy.