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Sale and leaseback

In a sale and leaseback transaction, the owner of a property (warehouse, factory, large building) sells their building to a third party and immediately rents the property from the new owner. This allows the seller’s company to receive instant cash without disruption in their operations. Goodman can stand as your partner for a sale and leaseback transaction.

The advantages to enter into a sale and leaseback transaction

  • Immediate cash injection
  • Free up capital to invest in key areas of your business
  • Avoid relocation of activities
  • Debt reduction and off-balance sheet funding
  • Increased flexibility in reacting to market, growth or unforeseen changes
  • Limit volatility risks

Choose Goodman as your partner for a sale and leaseback transaction

  • Investment not subject to bank financing
  • Long-term investment plan to upgrade the property, including sustainability features
  • Our expertise in real estate legislation including lease agreements
  • Our vast expertise in property management
  • Flexibility to accompany customers in their growth ambitions, e.g. construction of an extension to the existing building, or in scaling down business activities

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