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At Goodman, we believe it’s not enough to talk the talk — we also need to walk it. That is why we hold our own operations to the same strict, sustainable criteria as Greenspace+

Offsetting emissions

Offsetting emissions

We always do our best to reduce emissions before they happen — but for those we can’t eliminate, we compensate. We know it’s not an ideal solution, but we’re still proud to say that offsetting has allowed us to be certified as net-zero.

Our carbon assessment includes direct emissions related to heating and cooling, as well as the indirect emissions coming from the use of grid electricity and any associated upstream activities. It also includes emissions from business travel, employees commuting to the office, as well as waste and paper consumption. Vehicles and flights are by far the largest contributors to the company’s carbon emissions, followed by heating and electricity.

Reducing footprint

Reducing our footprint

In 2019, we achieved carbon neutrality for our Continental European operations. However, we only see this as the starting point, and we promise to always aim for better — to further reduce our emissions so that they don’t need to be offset in the first place.

One of our strategies to achieve this is by transitioning to at least 50% electric fleet by 2025. On top of this, we’re working to further reduce our energy consumption, maximise our energy efficiencies, and source our energy from renewable sources. Beyond environmental sustainability, we also aim to eliminate all social harms from our operations, too; for example, by keeping our supply chain free of any form of modern slavery.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance 

We always follow external and internationally-recognised frameworks to guide or certify our sustainability performance. In some cases — as with BREEAM, DGNB and Carbon Neutral — we also collaborate with external assessors to audit and accredit our sustainability initiatives. In this way, not only can we be sure that the calculations are independent of bias, but also gain a better understanding of our strengths and the specific areas where we can further reduce our CO2 emissions to an incompressible level. We are working with the following sustainability frameworks and certifications:

Goodman Foundation

Goodman Foundation 

In order to make a positive impact on people and the planet beyond our operations and our partners, we support passionate, often grassroots charities across the world through the Goodman Foundation. Goodman Foundation is committed to addressing disadvantages and making a tangible difference to the lives of the people in our community.
Read more about the global Goodman Foundation page here.

We partner with like-minded local organisations to fund explicit projects and activities that have clearly defined timelines and outcomes and in doing so, provide real support where it is needed most. Currently, on the local level in Continental Europe, we are supporting the Red Cross, Class Contact, and Kids Health Castle, the children’s hospital of UZ Brussels. 

Corporate governance

Corporate governance 

At Goodman, we recognise that effective and ethical corporate governance is critical to success. Our corporate governance model influences how we set and achieve our business objectives, assess and monitor risk and optimise performance. Read more about how we approach corporate governance here.

On top of this, we are committed to strong business ethics and promoting social, environmental and human rights standards across our operations and supply chain. Therefore, we have created guidelines under which Goodman operates so as to maintain an ethically run business. As a part of this, we also seek to develop partnerships with suppliers, agents and third parties that operate with aligned values and standards by considering legal, regulatory, social, ethics, safety, environmental and human rights-related factors. We require that all suppliers, agents and third parties dealing with Goodman abide by this Code of Conduct.
Read our statement of business ethics here.